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The Magic Guy Live in Kerrville

Guy had dreams of becoming a lawyer or a doctor, but his parents would not allow it, insisting he become a magician. On November 7 – 9, you will be glad they did. For only one weekend, the VKGarage theatre offers Kerrville a chance to experience Magic and Illusion expertly performed by a complete joker, The Magic Guy.

The Magic Guy has entertained audiences with comedy magic for 19 years; his talents have been featured at The Second City in Chicago, Esther’s Follies in Austin, and a lot of appearances (and disappearances) in between. The Magic Guy will serve up a host of magical feats from torn-and-restored news to the reading of minds as he predicts the decisions of up to four audience members at a time. You truly have to see it to even begin to believe it.

“The Magic Guy has a commanding voice, frenetic energy, and a beguiling grin. He had his audience in thrall, teasing them along and making them a part of each routine.” —Phil Houseal (Article in Fredericksburg Standard – Radio Post)

All those miles trekked and The Magic Guy couldn’t feel more at home in Kerrville, TX. Guy has picked up enough quirky humor, visual gags, and astounding slight-of-hand on his journeys to entertain Kerrville audiences over the entire weekend:

There will be 2 evening performances at 7:30 on November 7th & 8th

There will be 2 family-friendly matinees on November 8th & 9th

Ticket prices are $15 for the evening shows and $10 for the matinees

Remember all shows come with The Magic Guy Guarantee:

“If you don’t laugh out loud and leave with at least one ‘how’d he do that’ facial expression, I will saw you in half at no charge”

The Magic Guy: “Hocus Pocus with a Comical Focus”

Guy looks forward to meeting audiences after the show. Additionally, for those who wish to learn the art of magic, there will be a magic class for aspiring magicians (young and old) from 4:15pm to 5pm on November 9th. A ticket stub must be presented to gain entrance to the class.

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